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Corve a chess set that is inspired from the style of a famous designer Alexandro mendini. His acute and bold usage of color and art direction was studied and researched upon carefully before creating this acrylic made chess set. Beauty and Simplicity being his two primary concepts in design , The shape of each piece was so made just enough to tell which position they stand for.

Each piece has four pieces of differently colored acrylic stacked on top of each other. As light from different times of the day passes through each piece it creates a differently colored effect each time.



We know the importance of having access to reliable electricity. After looking at people how they live and survive due to lack of supply of electricity especially in rural India and in urban India, we set out to design a better light sources. One that was powerful and attractive enough to use in our homes everyday, tough enough to take anywhere, and dependable when the power goes out.

Bright, sleek, and packed with far more battery power than other personal emergency lights - the Glow meets the demands of a modern lifestyle. It produces over 5 hours of brilliant light, is waterproof and has a built-in push plug to get it charged from any available power socket so you’ll always be prepared wherever and whenever you may need it on a twist of a turn.

The Glow looks great in and around your home, wherever you need an extra light. Carry around with you in your hand when you need it or make it to stand at your desired place or mount it with the included wall bracket, and it will be ready to go when you need it most.



This piece of cutlery was created as a clever solution to a problem we all face everyday. When cutlery becomes a burden while eating and we set it down, we all always face the discomfort of placing it somewhere where it is not dirty. To increase comfort and ease in one of the most preliminary activity of the human existence, this spoon was created with specially fitted handles that would cling to a glass of water or a coffee mug. If need be these handles also act like a stand which can be used to place the spoon on the table without fear of the dirty side touching the table top.



A project done on material exploration that explores the properties of shatteredglass. For the making of this uniqueproduct, a combination of shattered glassand resin were used as the two rawmaterials. The product is thus an exquisiteand unique piece that focuses on light play and translucency. Each piece of glassparticle is broken into abstractrandom shapes that would capture light andilluminate the inside of the lamp.Geometric shape was intended for easy storageand usage of the fragile light piece.



In Hindi 'Joor' means loud, as the name goes, Joor is small yet powerful in its output. It is a perfect combination of form and function, joor is small enough to take it anywhere yet powerful in its performance. Joor being bluetooth enabled gives an idle option to connect and stream through smart devices on the go.

Joor is designed in keeping mind the needs of an urban user which makes it easy to carry, the controls are integrated on the top to give an easy access. By giving an angled base we were able to achieve a perfect balance of sound and aesthetics which makes it a perfect device.



Lisse is a new way to look at the USB flash drives. The design gives it a clean cluttered free and fresh look. Lisse can be carried around in the pockets and also stands out for its look.

Lite Pad


You can carry it with you anywhere (yeah literally anywhere)

Being mobile has taken a whole new meaning these days. If we’ve come so far in the technology side, why are we still stuck sitting at a desk to get things accomplished? This is why we developed a mobile lap pad for productivity called Lite pad , a highly functional mobile lap pad. You can get your work done on your laps with your laptop with out getting your thighs burned, as the name goes lite it is literally lite in weight and strong in its built. Lite pad has an option to elivate the height for the comfortability of usage. You can also use Lite pad for doing any sort of paper work for a perfect comfortability.

Lite pad can be carried around with you in your bags, The minimal design gives it a clean and unmessy look so you can carry it like any other accessorie.



Pebbly is a radio inspired from a pebble. It is made out of pine wood which is purely hand crafted to give a perfect sence of touch and feel. The aproach is to create a connection with our natural surroundings in this busy life. The feel and touch of pebbly resembles a natural pebble and it has an embedded radio in it. The curves and the shape are taken care to give it a natural feel. It is completely a piece of hand work, to achive the right smoothness it is hand sanded completely for its utmost perfection.

The radio in it helps to keep an interaction with the user when he tunes it to listen.

Y lamp


An LED table lamp which is inspired from an hand mirror which is used by most of the women. Design of the lamp gives us the flexibility to adjust it to the preferred need, lamp comes with an inbuilt USB port to charge your smart gadgets and is equipped with an inbuilt battery for power backup for both the light and charging the gadgets. An important feature is the user can adjust the brightness of the light and can also save the battery life when in need by decreasing the brightness. It is available in four color variants.

Being all this, lamp perfectly fits in to any given surroundings.